About Us

Emprise Group, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned ESOP holding company focused on establishing a diversified portfolio of investments across a range of retail, industrial, consumer products and other industries.

Emprise, the unique combination of “employee” and “enterprise,” embodies our entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious goal to enable our operating companies to leverage their competencies and industry knowledge in order to accelerate growth and create meaningful value for our employee-owners.

What We Do

We continue to build off a legacy of innovation and entrepreneurialism that dates back to 1908. We are strongly convicted in the power of employee-ownership and, in August 2020, we established the Emprise Group Employee Stock Ownership Plan to reinforce and strengthen our ownership culture. Our future success is attributable to a talented group of more than 1,200 employee-owners operating within an organizational culture that encourages each of them to behave as the owners they are.

Through their participation in the Emprise Group Employee Stock Ownership Plan, we strive to provide an opportunity for all employee-owners to secure their future financial independence by offering them an ownership stake in our portfolio of businesses.

Our Executive Team

Rich Koulouris

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Greg Billhartz

President and Chief Strategy Officer

Darren Baker

President and Chief Operating Officer

Alice Clark

Chief Human Resources Officer

Scott Mekus

Chief Financial Officer

Keith Grypp

Chief Legal Officer

Joe Meehan

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Our Board

Rich Koulouris


Harry Walsh

Scott Monette

David Wentzel

Benjamin Akande

Our companies provide a broad range of products and services

Dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products that consumers desire at prices that are affordable for all.

Dedicated to elevating brands to reach new heights, UpLift Brands creates postive growth through an ever-changing landscape.

Dedicated to providing a broad range of high-quality dry bath and personal care products to retailers and consumers.

Dedicated to providing a broad array of research & development, analytical and laboratory services to the personal care and household products industries.